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Should any of you care to, at the bottom of each post is a place to comment or ask questions or just to say hi. Concerns most have for not using these is being put on mailing lists and such. I don’t do this . . . ever. That is because I don’t want to be put on superfluous lists nor have my email address distributed as I am a very private person.

Information is kept on the server of this website which is in my control and only keeps your login credentials to make it easier to sign in for commenting again, Your credentials include your IP address, email address and that’s it.

I love discussing the Bible and that is a huge part of the reason I began this website last year. I have had almost 11,000 visits here since almost day one. My gratitude for your attending here is immense as I am allowed a witness of God’s word. Thank you all for your interest but, more, thank Jehovah for allowing me to have this outlet for others caught up in the maelstrom of evil. It isn’t easy for any of us.

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