Peace in Earth

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The Earth is a remarkable planet. As far as we understand, it is the only planet in the universe which supports the myriad array of life we know to exist. Despite some people’s arguments that life has to exist as these are the odds we don’t know whether this is true or not. T?he argument takes this a step further by introducing alien beings visiting our planet. We don’t actually know if this is true so we must again anchor our minds to this planet. Signs of crafts flying through our atmosphere can be a trick done with photographic means or mistaken identity or false visions of the mind.

In the end, all this conjecture shades the light of what we have here on this planet. What we live in is a gift. If you cannot see the planet as a gift you are not thinking about the richness of this planet. ?the diversity of life given that, as far as we know, other planets are desolate of life. All the planets we have evidence of are lifeless. The rest of our knowledge are based on hunches, not knowledge.

Given this, how often do you find peace when walking in nature? Even the most cynical of us find this peace while sitting by a stream or standing in a silent and majestic forest. This is how our planet was meant to be and now we see only brief glimpses of the majesty that once was and will be again.

We live on a planet despoiled from centuries of exploitation of the goodness that Jehovah originally placed here. We rip asunder wilderness searching for gold when the gold is the wilderness itself. Our planet was designed to nurture and we have torn it apart. Not you or I but those who follow the world instead of God. These are what Scripture calls, “The Goats.” We are now going through the separation of followers, “Sheep,” from Goats; despoilers.

Still, there is peace on our planet if we choose to avail ourselves of it. Even if it is only the night sky in an urban environment it is worth the pause to look and wonder. Wonder of our fortune to be on the only planet that supports such diversity of living things. All the rest are guesses or conjecture and really miss the point. Earth is singular and full of life by design.

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