The Typical Ironic Fall

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As I have stated, I spend most of my time writing of different subjects and even short stories. I do this as it challenges me without having to run a race at my age. There is a “creative” mindset required to write of fictional people, events, places and things. With my religious knowledge it also requires a firm discipline to stay within a more creative corral than those who write of horror or war or even deep science fiction. I enjoy reading some of those but even my reading stays within bounds without my realizing it now. Any derogatory use of Jesus’ name will cause me to close the cover and discard the novel.

It is the discipline that God instills to those who read the Bible to which I give credit. Properly done by reading a little and considering what one has read a lot tunes the brain into a receptive organ in which God tunes the frequency to harmonize with Him. It is the best way I can put this and I must say that it was not always such good reception for me. It took a while to allow that tuning to not be a sideband channel for this old man. When it finally was properly dialed in everything changed and what once was a rather roughened mental state smoothed out harmony with so many facets of understanding.

Among these were the human race. We think of ourselves as individuals but we really aren’t. We are a large group who are born, learn to walk, then run, then head to the cliff like lemmings. The cliff is death. What becomes important is the understanding that despite all this sameness on e thing separates us in the eyes of God. It is quite simple and it is belief in Him. The cliff still beckons but He remembers those who understand that nothing of this world should get in the way of believing. In this is our one and only hope. A hope offered on a road few want to take.

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