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From time to time I provide links to texts that have weight as to our times and the hope that many cannot find which is right here staring us in the face if we know how to open our eyes and mind to it. To say that this which we find ourselves in is a surprise is to not understand what has been prophesied over thousands of years. In the natural progression of events leading to now there is a roadmap. It is put here to give peace and hope as this progression is what must be to separate the Faithful from those who are fully immersed in this world of baubles and strife ever spinning at dizzying speeds.

As you read this click on the links provided and these will open Scripture on the same page. Clicking will not take you off the page you are reading. Go here. You may find peace knowing these verses and who they come from which is God. Never doubt just keep applying yourself and things will become clearer sooner than you may realize.

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