A Departure

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I am stepping back from the theme of this website with this post. I am doing so in part as when I began this journey at Sum of Truth it was due to the angst we all felt last February. At that time the news was so different concerning politics and this world that I thought it would be a good idea to write of what I know concerning the events of this world.

My first post was on February 22, 2022. Since that time, and very shockingly to me, I have had 13,000 visits to this website. I find this extraordinary and it caused me to wonder how hungry people are for the food that Scripture offers. On the opposite end of this surge of visitors is how famished this world is for those who are good. Seek and you shall find is also a Scriptural passage. Seek Jehovah God and He will find you is the irony of this.

For in Jehovah is our only food which He dispenses to those starving in this world. His offer of sustenance is far richer than anything mankind has to offer. Jesus reiterated this many times and Manna from Heaven was given the Jews wandering in the wilderness. All things just out of reach of our understanding but made manifest by Faith alone. This demonstrates to we who spend our time trying to understand how far above mankind Heaven and its possibilities are. We struggle with mathematical concepts to understand the universe but miss in our ignorance its perfection, its balance. How great is Jehovah that we can neither comprehend how He works or even what His plans are. Except that He gave us the Bible and even that book creates controversy. The Bible attempts to explain what we need to know for our salvation and the journey to salvation is a road fraught with pitfalls. Those pitfalls are liberally provided by life in this world. From sex, to wealth to power they are all there for the mindset that wants them. Each step down that ladder hurts others who either do not want that power or material goods or feels forced to cheat and steal to gain them. In the end, following the word destroys those who seek it. That destruction is eternal.

For those of us who follow Jehovah there are no safety measures because the world is constantly beckoning to us to depart our struggle and begin crawling back to it. This is the danger we need to stand guard over. To keep it down and in chains.

We are at an impasse in the future of this world. We see clearly that where it is headed now is toward conflict. It has been told us for thousands of years and specifically points to us what to look for. Those signs which used to be here and there are now piercing us from every corner no matter where we turn. Except when we turn to God, His Son, Jesus and that little dusty book of simplicity; the Bible.

In that book is instruction, if one is willing to disregard the world. The world full of cheats, lies, and corruption. Political change will not heal what we fear as politics is going to be replaced when Jesus announces His return from the New Jerusalem. That is closer than you may think because it is written that if Jesus does not step in not one will be alive for His return.

I hope this clarifies where we are in the book of these times of the world. This book is ending and will soon be closed and another book is waiting to be written. Be sure to be here to contribute to the new book.

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