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I’ve been going through many books and verses here as demonstrations of God’s word for you to read here and, hopefully, in the Bible for much needed context. Without context you may be impacted by the quote here but miss the overall theme of what Jesus or a prophet is saying.

With that in mind I pulled out two chapters in Matthew (9 & 10) to read. In these Jesus tells about the “harvest.” The harvest to bring in the fruits of a seasons labor. It describes the putting together of disciples in pairs to go out and find those who would hear God’s message and, by that mindset, follow the teachings of Jesus. Notice where it is said they should not go and also who they are reaching out to. It is the Jews. Consider what this signifies.

At any time you read the Bible consider time (s). The Bible is not constrained by time for Jehovah is not constrained by time. No one even knows that time exists for God. It does exist for us because of death. Death is the wages of sin and sin goes back to the garden. Time, however, is a moot point concerning Scripture. The word is as vital, perhaps even more so given out time, and transcends time in every aspect. Peace to you and knowledge from the truth.

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