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I chose to write this website because the lessons of life for me have been severe. In no small part has the Bible not only helped me but has showed me the way which is opposite the path of our world.

Nevertheless, I am, because I am a veteran of war, assailed by depression. Of late I have had trouble posting here and for that I apologize. Depression is something we are all afflicted with as I am from time to time and, in part, this is why I do what I can for others. This is also why I began this blog and have shaped it as I have. I don’t believe in direct Heavenly intervention for such as me so it is just me writing this. One of the things that contributes to my feeling lousy is this world and sometimes it takes a huge toll on me. Through prayer I receive help though I never see it coming or from which direction it will show. Their are no cardinal points for help when Jehovah sends it which is why one must pay attention.

The Bible, read regularly, will help with the process but it alone is not the answer as we are must seek and fend for ourselves with faith. Woe to those who do not believe as they are in for problems no one has yet faced but for the people of Noah’s time or Sodom and Gomorrah. We need an ark also. That ark is the Bible.

If you are wondering or if you are having doubts about the institution of religion you affiliate with read this article by following this link.

I have passed the worst of this downtime and am gathering together those thoughts and teachings that I have long lived by. It will yet be a few days but I am on the mend and will be at this again on a regular basis. Thank you for bearing with me.

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