Do You Deny God

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Many are the reasons for denial of God. For some they are possessed of this world as monetary goals and even social status cloud their judgement. For others they believe that they have transgressed so awfully that they have no chance of gaining God’s love again.

Yet, God is beyond what we can conceive as to His mercy and understanding of us. He knows better than some of us how frail we are. Therefore, He had this written by a Prophet In the Book of Psalms: 51: 1-4


1. Show me favor, O God, according to your loyal love. Blot out my transgressions according to your great mercy. 2 Thoroughly wash me from my error, And cleanse me from my sin.3For I am well-aware of my transgressions, And my sin is always before me. 4 Against you—you above all—I have sinned; What is bad in your eyes I have done. Therefore, you are righteous when you speak, You are right in your judgment.

Psalm 51: 1-4

Jehovah’s greatest gift to us comes right after His love for us. It is forgiveness of our sin, our transgressions. Prayer and communication to Him with humble heart is acknowledged by Him. He does listen even if you are unaware that you have His ear. How do I know this? He has promised us this and He does not go back on His promises. To use a phrase: His word is truly Gospel.

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