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It is always surprising to me how many visitors are from other countries here. Some I am not certain what to make of as they come from countries where Christianity is probably banned and others from countries that once were behind the “Iron Curtain.’

I want you to know that I consider each and every one here a human being and, as such, in need of truth. I have searched far and wide for the truth and I have found it in only one place and that place is not any government. It is from God and God alone. I wasn’t always as certain as I am now due to the distractions of life which steered my course away from Scripture for a time. Coming back into the Bible’s influence has greatly enhanced my life and this website is the least I can do for others.

Welcome, you of the world. Change long denied all of us is on the cusp of reality in time now. Stand firm in your faith and the rewards will be great. This world is demeaning and aggravating to all of us. This world we live in is not the world originally planned by He who created all. It is He through His son Jesus who will once again return the world to the faithful. You can sense the closeness of that time now can’t you? Just around the corner.

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