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Sum of Truth has evidently touched a nerve in society. Thanks to all of you we are now over 15,000 visitors and counting. I had no way of knowing that this would happen. All I was thinking is that I might be able to share my faith with a few and, perhaps, have some influence on the way a few of you might see the world and all the horror we are now witnessing.

To say the Bible is accurate is not enough. I see now how deadly earnest those teachings are and how much they benefit the meek. This world tramples on the meek. It always has and we know when and how this all started do we not? IN the Garden and he is still at it but with renewed vigor as his time is growing short.

I wouldn’t worry overly about a nuclear holocaust because it may start, I truly don’t know this for sure, but will soon be stopped before our world is ruined any further. God said that He created this planet for the sustenance of our lives and He also said that the Earth will abide forever. It doesn’t end in tragedy but for those who follow the other into the abyss.

I urge you to follow Scripture and take to heart what is said. It is laid out so that you may have hope and hope is what I seek to bring you in the word of God. Keep your faith strong and carry on doing the right thing for yourself and others. That is the faith we need to show and this website is just my minuscule part.

Thank you all so much for coming here! I send my love to each and every one of you who partake and hope that your hope is found in Jehovah, and His son Jesus. Bless each of you and keep the faith strong and your reward will be eternal life in an Earth with Jesus as King. Sooner than most think.

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