Peace From a Smile

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Eleven Months ago I was awarded by God a new grandson. He is the child of my youngest of three who has become a sound engineer for big name rock bands and his wife who is a trainer of horses. Times were tough for them when the little one came along so my wife and I kept him here whenever it was needed.

I mention this as the little smile from this tiny lad is so heart warming that I forget Vietnam, broken bones, and the struggles I have faced to get sober after years of PTSD.

At the same time this new comer alerts me to Gods book the Bible and what is planned in the near future when Jesus returns. I am marveling at the machine which is time and the universe as created to let that little smile come between me and all the harm this world is causing us. I wish you the peace I have found in a little smile.

(The accompanying photo I shot on the Pacific Coast)

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