Postulating in Ignorance

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What do we know of Jehovah, God. In actuality, very little when one considers that He created all we know and we also know that time has no bearing on Him. His power is great but how great one should not speculate. He is eternity and no human mind can comprehend this. It is better left unquestioned. However, knowing just this is enough, isn’t it?

We know that He epitomizes love. Otherwise we would not be here. Some consider Him an impossibility, some scoff at His mention, and others, such as myself, try and fail to please Him because we are so very imperfect. To consider Him in His realm is naught more than wishing we could achieve perfection and thereby get to know Him in His existence. That will not happen in our lifetime.

Our lives are like shooting stars. We shine bright for a brief time and then go out. In the meantime, eternity goes on and the fact that Jehovah knows us should give us pause. Should, but often does not, give us the presence of mind to look to Him for guidance and hope as He had promised us that, if we obey Him, we to shall witness eternity. A gift offered which is so great that we cannot understand that gifts magnitude.

How many lives have come and gone just during our brief stay here? Millions. How many shooting stars have we witnessed in comparison to all the shooting stars which blaze briefly in our atmosphere and then are gone? Life is fragile to say the least. Yet, He knows each of us, does not forget us, and offers us the opportunity to know Him. A bird does not fall from a tree that He is not aware of. He sent His only begotten Son to die for us and also to set an example for all the world. An example of His love and care for each of us individually. Were a friend to give his life for you how exceptional would you consider it? Were Jehovah to send His Son, Jesus, to give His life for you why would some reject it? It is because there is another. The opposite of love is this one. The opposite of creation is this one.

In our times the love of Jehovah is still available. Don’t reject it as that love is eternal and possesses more power to heal than any other which ever existed or will exist. It is free but for its stipulation of how we behave to deserve it. Nothing now comes to Jehovah but through His Son: remember that Jesus is the intermediary between your prayers and our Father as this is Jehovah’s arrangement sealed in the blood and sacrifice of His Son. His only begotten Son: His Word as is described as His first creation in Genesis.

I wish you peace through our Father, Jehovah, His Son, the Christ, and a smidgen from myself as the author of this website.

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