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The Bible is a timeless book. It is the authority on human nature but is detracted by those who do not study it in depth. As to authority there is no better being to understand us that He who made us. We are made in His image. We should reflect Him in all our actions and this is where it gets difficult because all we can do is make the effort to try to be like Him.

Knowing that we are frail He sent us His only begotten Son, Jesus, with the mission to die for the sins of all of us. Sin is the outer example of our frailty so, to remediate this Jesus came in flesh and blood to die so that we who follow He and His Father, Jehovah, can be saved. But, saved for what?

The original sin against God was by Eve, followed by Adam but initiated by Satan, the devil. Telling Eve that God did not want them to eat from this one tree in all of paradise because to do so they would know then what God knows. The fist lie in human history promulgated by the supreme liar in the universe. The same liar who wanted us to worship him and, therefore, going against Jehovah’s commands.

We have carried this sin since mankind was first born onto the Earth. We are now in the end times of Satan and he is doing his utmost to take as many humans with him as he can. When we look out at our world we do not recognize it now as it has changed so drastically in just a few years or a decade. In actuality, it began changing in the early part of the last century with the dawn of World War One. World at war with mechanized weaponry to better slaughter more human beings. Satan’s hate knows no bounds.

He has, however, gotten unsuspecting people to worship him in the form of material goods, power through politics, and riches through what God created such as gold and oil. The more we forget who we owe our lives to the more Satan grins and dances. The more we fight among ourselves the more the beast raises his ugly head to devour us.

It is time to pick sides for all people on Earth. Sheep or goat.

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