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Almost one year ago I was looking for a release and to share what I have learned over many years of off and on study of the Bible. As I progressed in understanding I also became aware that sharing what I learned might have far reaching effect. Not from me but from the word of God. How far I could reach was not in my mind at the time but experience this last year has awakened me to how far.

To all who come here I thank you. Especially, though, to those from China and Russia. As our nations spar against each other it is we the small and insignificant ones who benefit from God’s word, the Bible. Those in power know little of the purpose of Jehovah and, therefore, consider the little people as a threat if they partake in a form of worship not of and for the government itself. God’s law and His word supplant government and this is the threat they perceive.

From this little corner of a very large world I wish you God’s love and the peace in your hearts that only Jehovah may bestow upon you. I will be here as long as I take breath and wish you peace of mind and strength in God.

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