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From time to time I like to share that which I am reading. I have one particularly favorite book in the Bible. It is, “Isaiah.” I always begin at the beginning unless I am looking for a particular segment of text. When I say, “favorite,” understand that certain books hold weight according to our experiences. The entirety of the Bible, it goes without saying, is number one in line of all that I hold dear.

I am also working on an article on prayer. Although many don’t consider this, it is a privilege to speak to God. When one considers, how often do you get to speak to men with power? Never if ever is the answer for most of us. Yet, men are weak and frail and most leaders have created nothing. To the contrary God, (Jehovah) is the creator of all things. He is one of perfection and yet He allows us to speak to Him whenever we please. He does, in fact, encourage us to speak to Him with certain strictures on how we approach Him. We approach Him only through His Son, Jesus and we close our prayers the same way. This allows us to converse with the most powerful and His Son whenever we need to.

Knowing God is a privilege and speaking with Him is next to miraculous when you consider who we are allowed to speak to in their high towers of mankind. Puny is what we are and we should consider prayer to be the most important attribute given to us. A gift from on high. Take advantage of this gift.

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