Earth Bound

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Many years ago I was a huge fan of science fiction. In a way I still am but I now categorize it as only the last word of that category: fiction. But it did give me a chance to stretch my mind out and away from our Earth bound state. Within the realm of fiction, science or otherwise, all things are possible. Or are they?

What reading science fiction finally allowed me to see was that for all of those authors they could only imagine what is possible on Earth. Sure, they could cast their minds and embrace what they thought another planet or dimension might look like, how it might go against physical law but could not shake the fact that they are only aware of a limited aspect of the universe as they have gone nowhere but here, Earth. Who knows what might be facts out beyond our sight and reach. Even our mathematics so much vaunted is Earth bound. We depend on it to get us into space and it works quite well. But, I ask myself, how about one thousand light-years out there? Is it all the same? Or, are there other laws of physics peculiar to one region of space that throw our suppositions out the window?

My point is that we don’t know from Earth. We think we do. We think aliens are visiting our planet on a regular basis and I cannot say they aren’t. I can say that I really have no idea what those things flying in our atmosphere might be. Nor am I overly concerned. You see, the Bible has been ridiculed for not addressing life on other planets. This misses who and what the Bible is for. The Bible addresses us, here and nowhere else. It isn’t any of our business what God has done elsewhere as we can’t get it right on Earth.

I ask myself also if Jehovah wants us wandering around His universe in the state of distress we are always in. Especially now. You and I may be able to agree that He doesn’t want us anywhere near His creation until we get it right here. This is, in part, what we are seeing now. We have breached the atmosphere of our home which He created for us and gone to the moon. All the while we are here fighting each other and getting little to nothing right. I can’t say for sure but it may be that He is going to put an end to what we are doing now just to stop us from taking our perversion where we have no business going in the first place. But then, you may know something different than I. Most people do.

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