Finger Pointing

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 Then you will call, and Jehovah will answer; You will cry for help, and he will say, ‘Here I am!’ If you remove from among you the yoke bar And stop pointing your finger and speaking maliciously,

Isaiah 58:9

We are living in a malicious world. A world so far away from what Jehovah planned that no one will live if it is allowed to proceed down the path we are on. Jesus pointed out as pertains to the last days that, “there will be no place safe.” The pointing of fingers by malicious minds is just one aspect to keep one’s eye on.

Probably the most significant is that we now have a “Godless” generation lacking basic morality. Morality stems from God as does law. When God is shunted aside society breaks down and Satan dines pleasurably on the grief and misery of the people of Earth. We are there.

Remember the quote as this is God’s promise to those who seek Him, follow Him and believe. He bears great empathy for what we are going through but the die is cast as He foresaw long, long ago. His Kingdom is coming to us and these are the signs of what we have to go through to sort the sheep from the goats. It is upon us as I type this article to you.

Peace and Brotherhood to you all.

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