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Over my life I have run into so many who do not believe in God. It follows that not believing in God disputes the reality of Jesus also. In some way I understand this as God is invisible and arguments that gods have always been worshiped by pagans and government of pagans. It makes sense in some way that this might influence some. Our God is just another god among superstitious people throughout history. The follow up statement is that this world is made to make money and do as I please. I can’t tell you how often I hear rebuffs such as this.

Is it a wonder that one book has passed down from historical times that is the most widely read book in human history. You may say that the Koran (Quran) is but history tells us differently. The Koran came after by five hundred plus years. The Bible’s New Testament was completed in 90AD, the Koran (Quran) was written in 609AD. The first book of the New Testament was written in 50AD. What does this have to do with belief in God?

All the gods of pagan civilizations passed on into oblivion while Judaism and then Christianity blossomed and spread throughout the world. God is now known to be the truth in more lands over more time than any other. Why?

It is because God is the only one who opens the heart of even the most stringent non-believer. If, that is, the heart can be opened. There are those who are sold part and parcel to the dark side. We who understand the Bible also understand the hard truth it foretells. That truth is making itself obvious each and every year since I was born. The question is: Why doesn’t a person, given the obvious, believe? Why do so many ignorant of the Scripture reject it out of hand? Ignorance is bliss? No. God’s word is understanding. In this is the great determiner of our fate. Ignorance has long been held as no excuse.

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