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I have recently put up a website for adherents to Scripture or those interested in learning from one another what the Bible actually tells us. I did this after so many ludicrous and ignorant testimonies I have seen on the television in recent years. As most here know, the Bible is explicit in what it deems important. Conjecture and the bringing in of mankind’s social and moral prejudices always leads to darkness and doubt.

Over the last year I have tried to emphasize that the Bible was written for us in the lead up to Jesus and these times. It is not written for beings that may or may not live other places in galaxies far, far away. It barely mentions Mary Magdalene for the reason that she has little importance to what the Bible’s theme is telling us. If you understand the Bible you know that the last thing on Jesus’ mind was women or children or fatherhood. It is preposterous to even intimate such tripe.


The heading leads you to the website. It is a simple Mastodon installation and is now open for membership. Click the link and register. Membership is only by approval for now so that I can control how the website functions and to be certain who is joining. It can be used for most anything you would like to post concerning friendship and family. Images are welcome and the rules are short but explicit. In order to maintain morality in keeping with purpose this has to be kept to higher than “world” standards. It will be both fun and enlightening for all who join. It is also free to join. I hope to see you there.

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