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The “Why” and “Wherefore”

In the beginning was a void. Have you heard or read that phrase? It means that there was naught but a creative force, if you like, with consciousness that this empty space needed to be filled. Why? We don’t know. It was and it occurred that the void was filled with our universe; someway, somehow. We know not the physics involved but the one who made it happen did. He designed the physics needed on the fly. Turns out there is nothing that one doesn’t know. Don’t think I’m being blasphemous I am merely simplifying so as not to throw foreign or unknown concepts out too soon. After all, I don’t know who I’m speaking to.

That “One” is of course, God. God is not a concept He is real. What is taking place here on Earth is being watched carefully without interference from Him. We are in a time of choices. Not His . . . Ours! Who do we follow: man? God? Some alien life form? A myriad of poor choices but only one that makes sense. Ask yourself, if mankind could make government work forever what would be required? Do we just keep throwing ideas out and making laws and telling each other this government (or that government) is the final solution and everything is now copacetic? It never has been because all forms of governments have been tried and all are now has-been’s.

Therefore, we need to dig deeply don’t we? That’s a question for you to answer if you want to find truth and eternity. An eternity without war, starvation or tears. Following, this is what the Earth was intended to be for us in the beginning. There were no thorns or nettles and the abundance of the Earth was in perfect, yes, perfect balance. Anything designed by perfection is, thusly, perfect. That’s a tough pill to swallow, perfection. It was for me. Only because I was once ignorant of how things actually took place. I mean what many call fairy tales of creation and the first parents: Adam and Eve. We owe our travails to Adam and Eve you know. They blew it badly. Take that in full measure as we will come back to this in due time.

If you care to, read the first book called Genesis. It will help you keep up as I go. I am not suggesting you read the entire book, only the part as far as Adam and Eve getting shunned from the Garden of Eden. There are phrases there which you will nod about and some you will shake your head at. This is the way we start as it is the beginning and it is the truth and, no, I didn’t always believe it either. But, I stuck with it and got my mind transformed to the goodness that you aren’t seeing in current events. Though these are difficult times they are prophesied and are ticking off like clockwork. I had to see and hear it to believe it myself.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are moved to learn. There is much to know and for us to decipher together yet.

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