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I can’t tell you how many times I have either considered or actually put up a website rather like this. At least three. I put them up for about one month with varied results as to visitors and took them down. What is happening here is different as is my approach to this website.

Prayer comes into play as it does with all we attempt. Prayer is food for a person; done correctly. Approaching God with His proper name to start and finishing through His son, Jesus Christ. Ask yourself, if someone is shouting in a crowd, “Hey you,” will you respond? Probably not and neither will God. I always use general terms such as “usually” as I am the last one to know what God will or will not do.

When I put this up it came to mind that this needed to discount me and put God front and center. That was the difference with this website versus the others. His word is what matters. It is His word that may very well save your eternal life and that is my only mission here. I can’t save myself but He can . . . and will. All I need to do is obey and his demands are not that stringent. His Son said it best with , Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Golden Rule that can save lives and heal wounds. Mend minds and straighten our paths. Sincerity is at the heart of any attempt to reconcile with God and we all need to reconcile because we all screw up in major ways.

To be sure, I am as far from a perfect man as ever was. I have been down and out, up and high, twisted and bent. I may have even taken lives in war. No, perfection is not achievable by me. Never was. The difference is that I made amends and spend a lot of time asking for forgiveness as I trip myself up daily. Knowledge of my weakness is becoming a strength I draw closer to God and His Son. It allows me latitude to see myself, my deeds, and make corrections. Still, I fall, I grovel and make a mess of much in my life. I am human and knowing this is a bright light always in front of me, lighting my way with love and forgiveness. Forgiveness of others is primary in our forging ahead. If God forgives us then it is our duty to forgive others. with that comes the shedding of jealousy, envy, and hate. That space left over is filled with light and that light is your enjoyment of simple things. A cool drink of water becomes a miracle to you on a sunny, hot day. A child’s laughter buoys your heart with hope.

In all of this above is hope. That hope which isn’t here but is promised if we but follow like sheep. It is a promise of God and a hope of His also that we will follow Him through His son Jesus. That way is the light. Any other path leads to darkness and death. God keeps His promises: ALWAYS!

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