Sum of Truth

Call it a sabbatical, call it what you will, Sum of Truth is back, better and less cluttered. To achieve this I am using a slightly different look with more concise fonts and publication parameters. I also am changing form but only slightly.

It will take me a couple of days to get up to speed but as we are getting closer to the times foretold so are many beginning to awaken to this oddity we call the “world.” It gets stranger each and every day and people are looking to politics to remedy this situation. While they wait for political change the world is itself unraveling. Threads of danger and potential wars are unwinding faster than the news cycle can keep up with. This is foretold and, like a fine time piece, is clocking exactly as has been written. But, you knew this didn’t you?

Give me a couple of days to go through copious notes as I prepared to reopen the website. It will be up and running soon enough.

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