The Blink of an Eye

I have just installed a community for those who come here but would like more. If what I write here is good for your mind I urge you to join HUb of Truth, the companion community for this website. On that community site you can further your knowledge, add to our knowledge or meet some good people who share your search for truth. Truth is found in only one place and has only one author.

With that in mind and a community of like minded individuals waiting go HERE.

Lastly, it is true that the world is full of bad actors. It is to that that I am making membership in Hub of Truth by approval. This places one step in front of a free-for-all to membership and protects all of us and the work I have done form those very same bad actors. For approval all you need to write on the form is: Sum of Truth. That’s it. This let’s me know that you are from the website and it is only here that I will advertise the Hub of Truth. Simple and proactive measures win the day.

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