An Earthling

I’ve taken a shot at this before and gotten no takers but it is something I love to do when time permits. I have, over the last several years, been learning how to work with computer servers and what is called the “Command Line” in order to put up websites such as this one. I decided to branch out about two years ago and learn to work with social networking platforms. It is this which I have done and this is what “An Earthling” is.

It is up now and awaiting those who want to discuss this world in these times, the Bible and their relationship with God and His Son. Registration is set by approval to keep roaming software from making false accounts and ruining both the experience and loading up the server. Approval also makes the platform safe to use and enhances, greatly, the experience. It is open to register should you wish to do so. I would sincerely love to have you and it is free to join.


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