Well, what is Faith? It’s definition, loosely translated, is trust in something to be there. A thing or, in the case of this website, a Deity who knows and cares, dare I say, loves, us. I want to keep this conversational so think of those things you know will be there for you without fail. Without fail is the operative term. The land you stand on or the home or apartment you live in is there for only the time you are there. After you leave that place or land or what have you may or may not still exist. Even time is fleeting. Human kinds governments don’t last forever. Humans don’t last as long as they would like and dogs and cats, pets, die one after the other. None of these transient beings or objects are wroth our faith in them. Here today, gone tomorrow. Except . . . .

God. Not only is He there now, yesterday and tomorrow, He has always existed. Don’t expect me to define His existence in some form of time. I have said before that time is a human invention. It marks our progress with ticks and tocks. Jehovah has no clock, no minutes, hours, or seconds. Add to this timelessness that He is a loving father and Faith in Him, the only constant, becomes easier to understand.

You’re out walking and you watch a leaf fall from say, a Maple tree. You know the time of year by the color of the falling leaf. If a bird falls you feel some emotion for it but the leaf you expect to fall eventually whether its time of year has arrived or not. A green leaf or a rusty red leaf designates the time of year. This is how the Earth is arranged. How it works. It is a clock in and of itself. But God has told us that the Earth will abide forever. So, time on Earth is an invention to allow mankind to function only.

You cannot have faith in that which is fleeting. Putting ones faith in another human being can be iffy. Putting ones Faith in God is timeless and strong. It is the time which we need to develop our faith. Perhaps this is the real reason we have a sense of time? Time waits for no man. God does. He waits for you now no matter your past. Even those of us who have killed in the line of duty are welcome by Him. How bad can you be if you have not taken lives? If you have, however, He is ready to forgive as that life you may have taken is now under His control, His mercy, His love. Faith allows an avenue for happiness and fulfillment no matter who you are or what transgressions you may have committed.

Welcome to Faith and promise. You won’t find it on Earth. It is not under the control of mankind. Faith is directed up or internally in prayer. He will hear you and your sincerity. He certainly has heard this old veteran. He took my fumbling existence and turned it to a loving existence all the while eradicating the awful dreams of combat. Not all at once in a flash of divine light. Gradually with coaxing by Him. The coaxing I only now realize over a number of years. It is quiet and gentle with patience for a wretch like me. He is there for you just like He was for me. He waits patiently but is available through prayer. You don’t need a church you just need you.

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