No Greater Treasure

God’s word, the Bible, is the single most cherished treasure a human being can find. If you haven’t, go back and read this article from the other day. This is the nature of what the Bible gives us. True, there are admonitions and talk that is off-putting but what the Bible centers around is this verse. Love is God. Therefore, His gift to us, His most fulfilling gift, is love.

What is lacking in the world now? When one pares down all the cruelty of our world what is lacking is Bible based love. All of His words are utterly important but His gift, His presence, is love and that He shares with us in abundance. Take His gift and hold it close as this is what we who follow Him feel in the darkest of times. For we know that He is aware of us and that he will see us through. Love, His is simple and unencumbered. All we need to do is follow Him.

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