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I want to offer a very sincere, “Thank You, ” to those who are coming here for the first time and to those who have been coming here for many seasons. I once offered a “Newsletter” here but have chosen not to make it available as so few took advantage of it. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting a Newsletter as this medium is so abused by many. It is within the capability of myself to put one here if any want it. Let me know in the comment form should you desire it.

To write this is no easy task as I feel a tremendous pressure to keep my distance from the Word of God as a writer. My aim is to never embellish or edit in any way His word. To do this you must understand that when you see no chapter or verse it is my own hand, writing my own thoughts. Do not feel you have to agree with me. In part, I do this to stimulate a person past the point of just reading so as to provide an avenue to further thought.

Again, Thank You for your time as I know that your time is valuable and I do not take anyone for granted. We are all of the same family when one takes the Bible’s point of view. Not a one of us is better than the other as we are all imperfect and we all reach our limits in all things human. It is time to begin thinking of, “The Brother and Sisterhood of mankind.” Despite our outward differences we all suffer from the same things to one degree or another. The potential for great harm waits just around the corner but after that is perfect peace on Earth. That should be our aim and put down the weapons of war, distrust, secrecy and bribery. These have no place in God’s world.

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