The Search

Looking back at my life from the age of seventy-four I now understand that in looking for, searching for, God, Jehovah, He found me. I have asked myself for years how it is that I didn’t find Him until I began actually looking for Him. My emphasis was always on Jesus with a nod to Jehovah in recognition that He was the Creator but Jesus was His Son. This is all true but it is God to whom Jesus said that He received all He said and did. Jesus also said that nothing came to His Father but through Him: Jesus. He is Jehovah’s Son and our intermediary for prayer which is why we pray to God through His Son, Jesus. Praying to Jesus alone is a prayer not heard. Prayers to Jehovah through Jesus are prayers which are heard. To put this in human terms, this is form and that form is what we are to use.

When God found me He let me know. It wasn’t a voice from on high it was the amending of my thought process and, therefore, my actions. I was a rather wild young man predisposed to getting high and drinking more than my share of the good ol’ booze. In other words, as witnesses go, I was poor to debilitated. It was only when I made the effort to straighten myself out that He began the slow changes that I have gone through all these decades. Wonderful changes in attitude and demeanor toward others. I simply call it patience but it is more than that. It is a deep understanding that human kind are flawed and also that God knows we are flawed. He knows you as well as me and awaits your search for Him.

When I began writing this blog I was unsure of how or what I would do as this was a first effort of this type in my life. I still am in awe that I ever got this far as I should have died a thousand times from combat to nursing myself with alcohol years later. He saw me through the worst and allowed me to figure it out by myself. There are no miracles there is only the grinding away at traits while asking Him to help. Again, He knows you. He knows your strengths and weaknesses and He is patient;so very patient. This is the reason I wish you peace in Him who knows you. Take advantage and get to know Him. You will find that friend in need you are searching for.

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