The Unknown

As we look out upon the worldscape we now have self-doubt is rising like a fever among many. Self-doubt, in this case, is not a lack of self-confidence it is worse as most of us are seeking an anchor with which to hold ourselves in place rather than allowing ourselves to be swept away in a torrent of rabid political perversion. It is a flood of sin which we face. Sin against humanity by attempting to lessen what we are as God’s children and asserting roles of subhuman status on each of us. In the eye’s of some politicians we are but mewling beggars searching the effluent of their waste for a crust of bread, half eaten.

In God’s eyes, however, we are His much loved children and what He is seeing now angers Him. For a Father to see His children abused is tantamount to abusing the Father. Remember that we are the children of God, our Father. He has armed we who believe with knowledge of current events written long ago by His prophets just for these times we are living in. Prayer to Him through His Son Jesus is as important as a loaf of bread for our sustenance now. Our spiritual sustenance, our very lives.

This to shall pass is what the Bible, God’s word, tells us. If you are in doubt of yourself or you are scared concerning these times you have every right to be. The knowledge that this is the way the world must go is our shield against over reaction. “Times hard to deal with,” are upon each of us. You are not alone as we are all in this together.

I urge you to depend on God through His Son, Jesus and seek Him through prayer. He is there to comfort all of us as times go from bad to worse. It is He who will see the faithful through. Those without faith will perish.

I also will get into what is promised after in this “world without end.” A little at a time.

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