What’s With This Guy and the Bible?

Since the 1950s I have heard from rather sketchy sources things such as, “God is dead.” Ludicrous mentions that the Bible is incorrect where history is concerned or that the Bible is full of myths and improbabilities. For seventy some years I have heard it all and greeted such nonsense with a shake of my head. There is such enmity directed against that book that one wonders where that enmity comes from. After all, why wouldn’t God, if He loves us, give us something to give us hope in a world always brought to its knees by turmoil, by us? The fact that God is thought also to be a myth, clung to by weak minds, is preposterous on its face.

I give you Romans 15:4-

 For all the things that were written beforehand were written for our instruction, so that through our endurance and through the comfort from the Scriptures we might have hope.


Hope is what Jehovah intended as He knows what many don’t who do not perceive the Bible as His Word, that He is in charge and His schedule is also our schedule yet He has given us the Bible to see us through. Dead? He is eternal and the dead will be brought back in His time, not ours. Also, He gave us the prophets who wrote His inspired words down so long ago to guide us in His way.

The Bible is not a simple, silly compendium of mythology. The problem with people that say it is is ignorance from not studying that book. Anyone can take a random phrase from anywhere and write an essay for or against. To get into the heart of a book is the only way to garner its meaning and worth. Nothing is easy and the Bible is no different. The difference between, say, “Lord of the Rings” and the Bible is that the Bible is fact. Fact not written by Tolkien but by our Creator Himself. The One whose mind is behind all we see and all we think we know.

It is our separation from animals that should be our first clue. There is no Bible written for deer or rodents or birds. Are they to not valuable to the Earth, nature and environment? They are but it is we who have minds created by God Himself to which the Earth has been handed over to our care. He gave us our brains as they are to care for His creation: Earth. This little brown, green and blue gem which, of all other planets we know, supports life with thinking. It is a gift unadored by many except to thwart the lives of other humans. It is this that is coming to an end, not the Earth. The Earth, the Bible tells us, shall abide forever.

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