I am taking a departure from the norm on Sum of Truth. I want to go deeply into Faith and what it can do for you especially as a young person. On the news almost daily is an article about yet another young person either bullied or lost to suicide because of our society, other children, or adults acting like children. We are living in diabolical times and no matter how we think things will get better we are on a downward spiral which is gathering momentum and is unstoppable by mere human beings. We have sullied our planet and are now throwing destructive words like so much confetti. Many are now mindless, callous, and hateful and these are not the ones who can bring about goodness in any manner.

From all of this nonsense there is something so positive that we can actually rest in its shadow. This is the coming of Jesus to our world. If this sounds, well, stupid and old hat it is. IN fact, in our world the truth has become something stupid because this world has gone over the edge and into the abyss which Satan has laid as a trap for those who lack Faith. Faith in the solid granite foundation of Jehovah God. Without Him we are all lost and this becomes more apparent each day that this world spins out of control. You see, we were never meant to run things by ourselves. When we do this by ourselves some get rich while most are impoverished or close to becoming impoverished. War is ever on the horizon and battles in cities go one apace. There is no goodness anywhere we look. Except one place and that is an invisible place until you attempt to find it. Your vehicle is the Bible. Open the pages of this miraculous book and delve into truth. A truth so plain it is dismissed because of Satan drawing us away by dangling baubles of wealth and material goods always just out of reach. He won’t tell you how valueless these goods are though. How little they will actually do for you should you hurt others to obtain them.

Young people are coming up in a distortion of reality. I go into this HERE. An article I wrote earlier this morning on another website of mine. You young folks are worth your weight in gold. No matter what others tell you it is God who watches over you and you have but to summon Him. If you wonder if He knows if you are even alive I will tell you emphatically that He does know you and He knows everything about you and your misery. You are never alone and all you have to do is ask Him. Like any other being He asks a simple formality to hear you. You pray to Him using His proper name, Jehovah, and go to Him through His son Jesus. He has a name and His name isn’t Lord or God it is Jehovah. He has asked us to call Him by His name so many times that it is a wonder how we can be so thick as to regard Him with any other moniker.

He is simply a prayer away. A quick prayer given while you are alone, walking, or being silent on a school bus. He cares not your place in society. He cares not your race or your station. He sees you, knows you, and awaits your coming to Him. I would hazard that He awaits your coming to Him anxiously as He is concerned about your mental health and is right there to help you by giving you the peace you need so desperately. I know this very well. It was He who pulled me back from death and set me on this path I pursue here. I dedicate this part of my life to Him. I love Him beyond measure because it was His grace which saved me from my own self-destruction. He loves you dearly and waits anxiously for you to come to Him. Let nothing stand in your way because you are dear to Him. Those who hurt you are not close to Him or they wouldn’t do such a thing. A Christian is one who loves God and follows the Bible for their very lives. We are the silent ones who come together to help one another despite this ugly world we all are forced to live in.

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