A question that has been posed is this: If God is perfect can He create something imperfect? On its face it seems to be an unanswerable question as none of us understands anything more about perfection than the dictionary definition. For a brief few moments let’s take a look at the implications of this question as it pertains to us as human beings.

The first human beings were Adam and Eve. If, that is, one has studied the Bible enough to understand the truth in this. God created Adam and then, from one of Adams ribs, Eve to assuage Adam’s loneliness because God saw that loneliness was not good. He then told the two to go forth and tend the Earth, multiply and bring the Earth into submission for the benefit of all the children to follow. (You may read of this in Genesis, the first Book in the Bible) It was the beginning of humans as we are now. Perfection died with the sin of Adam and Eve and God told them: The wages of sin is death because Adam and Eve were not meant to die and we aren’t either. It is the reason death seems unfair and is something foreign to what our minds perceive to be truth. We are not supposed to die except for sin. The sins of our original Mother and Father. Which is why the Catholic church calls this, ‘”Original sin.”

It is a question which, to us, has no viable answer because we have only the definition, a grouping of words, of what it is to be perfect. In this way it is similar to eternity and infinity as these are merely concepts to those who will not live long enough to understand the minutiae of life. We are all imperfect whereas we were not meant to be imperfect. Of course, many questions arise from this process which are also unanswerable but understand that imperfection is limiting our ability to understand.

We will never have all the answers but what we can have is Faith. Therein lies the difference between human beings behavior toward one another. To take a life is an abominable affront to God. It is the gravest of sins. Even Tolkien understood this when Gandalf said to Frodo, “Certainly, there are many who deserve to die but many deserve to live. Can you give life to them?” I paraphrase that as it has been many long years since I read that trilogy but the point is clear. Life is precious and the leaders of this pathetic world understand this not. They never have as they are so full of themselves and their “importance” perceived, to history. History is gone with our final breath but what we do in the meantime is written down. God knows all the minutiae of our lives. He knows our thought process and our weakness and our strength. Be prepared before you knock on death’s door. For goodness sake, begin a study of God’s Word.

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