The Road

We’ve traveled many roads in our lives. Myself, mine was a road from childhood to combat in Vietnam. There wasn’t a broad line of demarcation between the two. When I was eighteen I was finishing up my first year of college, was sick and tired of school so I went to work, was classified one A and was drafted into service. I had enough time to make a choice so I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. What I did have was a few years of the Bible in hand. I can’t tell you how much this assisted me as our ship sailed into hostile waters. Life or death was a matter I had to consider an no amount of good parenting prepares a kid for this. Prayer brought me through.

The road you travel is one of the world just as it is for me. The road of the world, however, has infinite turn offs to things good or evil. Should you choose instead, the road to Jehovah, it is a narrow road with no turn offs for you. Turn offs there are just as with the road through this world. Free will allows you to take any detour you wish. Remember that each detour is away from the straight path to Jehovah. Any road you find yourself on is one which allows you the width to turn around. To walk back with forgiveness to the proper road to God. The Bible instructs all of us on how to find our way back. Indeed, that is partly what the Bible is for.

The beauty of this road is the lack of worldly distraction. Oh, certainly it is there to bauble you and cause you to stumble. Be that bauble sex, drugs, rock and roll or matters of jealousy, avarice or greed. This is where prayer is so vital. As vital as food and water to you. Always remember that we trip and fall on our road. We sometimes cannot resist the detour off that road. Who is there waiting for you when you get back. Jehovah through Jesus. The two are Father and Son and both are there for you through sincere prayer. The way of this world is being sullied more and more each hour of each day. The road to God is shining, beckoning, and most of us can see or hear that call from on high. Choose wisely.

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