The “Ruler” of the World

It is time to begin a new track here. A track I have avoided for some time but one that needs to be broached for us all to understand the place this world is at now. The reason the world is, in a word: Nuts. Immorality has always been with us but it has been over a century now that it has crept into society in so demonstrable a form. A slow and steady drum beat has been assailing us since, and including, World War One. In this time religion has been steadily eroded and immorality haled as the norm in society. We are all so used to immorality that it is accepted as normal. A century ago it was not. Granted, immorality has always been with us but not to the point that governments have been involved with legislation to support immoral standards. Special rights granted those who are deviants for one. It is the sign of slippage away from God and His laws are now scoffed at. I know you see it and are affected by it.

The Bible tells us that in these times there is a ruler of our world: Satan. He wasn’t always called by this name. He was once an angel at one with God. God grants all His created beings, including us, free will. Jehovah does not want obedient slaves He wants us to choose to be with Him. Satan at some point chose to not be with God. There were many angels that came against God to side with Satan. All of these have now been cast out from Heaven as the time of judgement drew closer. Where did they go when cast out? The vicinity of the Earth. Satan is a man slayer. He is the one who has turned this world to rot and we are witnessing it in real time. He seeks our eternal death and does his utmost to turn us away for God, his creator. It is hatred of everything which Jehovah stands for that he assails.

I have chosen to link this and not go overlong with it. What I placed above deserves to be questioned so I want to place your answer and further study here.

You may also go to your Bible, here: Job 1: 1-22. It is an eye opener.

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