93,000,000 miles

As you go through your day you are inundated by gossip, innuendo, falsehoods, and the superfluous effluent of speech. You are accosted by same sex, perverted sex, idiocy, and mayhem of your mental stability. People everywhere are sick and tired of just about everything. You hear it as though a deluge of riotous clamor is walloping you up the side of your head. It is endless, unceasing and near impossible to escape.

I to go through this but I know where it comes from and you should to. Satan, in a word. It is his and his minions in the vicinity of our planet. It is noted specifically in Revelations but that is not what this is about.

The title here is 93,000,000 miles. Some understand that this is the Earth’s distance from our sun. What a lot of us don’t consider is that, were the Earth a million or so miles further, either way, life would not be possible here. Life as we know it that is. Microbes really don’t count when we speak of sentient life. And it is sentient life only who understand that they are alive to begin with. How many other planets in the universe are ideal, as ours is, for us to live? How many have been scientifically proven to support life? Not life because we think they rotate around a star or are giving spectrograms indicating the possibility of life. Only one: Earth.

If you think, during this storm of angst, that you are not special think again. You were given the chance to live on the only planet that supports life due to a very concise positioning of said planet in the only way it could be placed to support your birth, your life. Is it planned by a superior intellect? Yes, it most certainly is. Unlike those who also are intellectually superior this one is the only one who knows you, loves you, and cares about you. Take it to the bank. You are loved and you need to give that love back to He who made this planet and put it in the only place in the entirety of this universe that you could be born, live, and thrive.

Peace From Jehovah To You.

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