It is understandable that some in this world laugh at we who believe in the invisible. I would probably be amused myself if a grown man or woman said I believe an invisible person or presence. I’ve heard it said over many years that believing in God is for children, not thinking adults. It only makes me smile to hear a person say this.

Do you, yourself, believe in the wind? You most likely do because it musses your hair, let’s your kite soar, or, when very strong, tears off roofs from houses. Yet, it to is invisible. So, I ask you, do you see Jehovah in the beauty of this planet and, if so, are you aware that this is the only planet we know of that can support life? Not amoeba but thinking life, beautiful and flourishing life, and, most importantly, a life that somehow even considers God to be the maker of all this. The very fact that we think of God is peculiar to only us, the humans.

It was the Bible that made me aware of this as I have had a few discussions with people who did not believe. With these there was an undercurrent of inconvenience for their life style to give in to this belief. I didn’t give in, I learned from the Bible and this is why I spend these hours writing and referring to Jehovah. I could be doing other things and it is sometimes difficult to just sit down and write this but I always come away happy that I try to get His name and word out to those who may not have access to the truth. There is only one truth in the end, the word of God.

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