All who come to this little website are seekers. Seekers of truth and that truth you seek is not from this man who writes here it comes straight from the mind of Jehovah, God. I am here only to write about that which has been handed down for all of us. I take great pains to not interject myself into that which I quote here. In doing this I find peace, tranquility, and mental awareness of all that we are seeing take place in this world now. All of this is foretold and it appears to us like roads from a neatly folded map of ages.

You do not come here to hear me and I dare not place anything here but what has been written. I write this to emphasize that this writing, the Bible, is not that of any man. The entirety of the Bible’s text is from the mind of God and placed down on the medium for writing of the era in which it was divinely inspired in the minds of the men who God chose to write it.

I consider all who come here brothers and sisters who want to learn of God’s word. I care not which race, culture or nation from which you come. Only that you are here. I ask God to guide me and to bless those who seek His word as, in these times, the end comes near. The end of this wickedness of national governance. Each nation has shown its cards now and those cards are all jokers from the deck of he who influences the wickedness we see. It is for this that I write and I have little choice as I took this website down out of weariness of the world and the feeling that I wasn’t good enough to put this here. Whether it is a goodness or not, I felt guilty for my lack of courage and so I chose for the first quote to be from 2 Timothy1:7 concerning faith and courage given to all of us by Jehovah.

If you would like to contact me, leave a comment here with your email and I promise to get back to you. I place as little software on this website as is necessary to function. Were I to put a contact form here then I subject you and I to further invasion of privacy. Use the comment system native to this software and nothing else will be needed by you and I will get back to you.

Finally, I wish you peace in God and His Son, Jesus, who will soon be here because if He doesn’t come no man will be left alive. This is what Jesus has told us, not me. If you are a seeker please know that I also am one. Not all is clear to me as I do this alone and not inspired except by my love of God and His Son, Jesus.

Again, I wish you peace and shelter from this world now spinning out of control. Be no part of the world is what God has commanded. Avoid the political, the corporate and the devil himself. Peace.

Addendum – I will occasionally write my thoughts concerning what we are seeing or who is in the world’s news. The category I will write these under is, “Opinion.” In these cases this comes straight from me and not Scripture. I feel it important not to allow confusion so watch for the category “Opinion.”

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