I am one who loves to learn and it really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is productive. In the last decade I have become quite involved in building websites of all types. It is a path almost overwhelming in variety. Twists and turns and not one does not require me to learn something brand new.

In the last two years I decided it was time that I learned how to program and run my own server(s). This I have done through frustration and endless mistakes. The learning curve doesn’t matter though. It is the result which makes a difference and, though hard fought, results I am now getting. I am not a young man so it also helps me stay focused and away from TV news which is always depressing. If ever you’ve fallen into the TV news trap you know what i am talking about.

I posted an article here concerning 0770, a social platform I have installed. I used those numbers rather than words for balance. A thing I try hard to retain is balance and the numbers themselves were for looks only, not for some fuzzy belief system like numerology. I also began writing a short story which may grow larger as I go. I like to start easy and then gain momentum so we’ll see how it goes with the story. It is at Thorn Ink and, again, take no meaning from the title. I don’t operate in mists. Along with this I also learned how to install “Ghost” c.m.s. and have two websites built with Ghost online also. One is here, the other here.

If you’re wondering how I can do all this it is just that I have always worked and find no problem with staying mentally active. It is just a part of my life and is not anything to write home about.

Should you be looking for a break that is why I put these websites up. I always keep it clean but interesting. At least, I do my best to keep it interesting but you be the judge.

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