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As I am quite active with websites I thought I would put a page here for some news in case anyone is interested. No, I don’t take a reader’s interest for granted because one never knows what strike another’s mind as, well, interesting.

The first item I have is that I purchased a new domain to accommodate a new type of software. I have placed the software on the domain and am fine tuning it which will take some study and a few days yet. It is for this website but whether it is of interest is anyone’s guess. I don’t let doubt stand in the way of my progress though, so up and tuning it goes.

I have also placed another new website on line which is about my journey to where I now am after two tours of Vietnam. It’s been a crazy trip, that I will say. I will let you know of that soon also. You may end up with a one stop shopping tour of what I do if I’m not careful. I haven’t posted the half of it either. Or, so sick of me you will tune me completely out. I’ll take that chance.


Over the last few days I have put up a website named, “Hub of Truth.” It is the companion of this website but the new one is a social platform. On it you may post text, photos, links etc. I have kept it simple so that it is easier to navigate and post on. Much more can be added but for now I believe it suits the purpose. You can join should that appeal and post immediately upon acceptance. It is open now.

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