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Since the inception of this website I have had a newsletter available. To being I want to speak of what I don’t like about newsletters as I believe that most of us share the same experience.

You are interested in a website and decide you’ll just click on the newsletter and suddenly your inbox is inundated with one after the other useless come on’s, sales, new things that are a must have. You quickly scroll down to find the unsubscribe link and say, “Never again!” Sound familiar?

I am different in that I am judicious about sending newsletters. I have no need to advertise anything or stick my face into your life. A newsletter to me is just a way to accommodate those who would like to have occasional updates or articles written that they are interested in. Nothing more than that. One newsletter a month may be too many for some. I am well aware of this so let me make a promise to you should you subscribe.

I do not have any intention of sending anything to your inbox that I have said I would not send. I will not do that to you because I don’t like that done to me. If anything, you may wonder where the newsletter you have subscribed to is. Infrequent but substantial is what I send. Some Scripture but not on a daily basis. Staying tuned to the Bible is your job. My job with a newsletter is to send you what I consider to be an interesting take on certain subjects as related by the Bible. Once a month possibly but more likely no more than three times a year. Just enough to let you know that I still exist and am interested in you only if you are interested in Scripture.

Subscribe if you are willing or not if not. What I wrote above I will stick to.

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